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Reviews from our clients who have benefited from Master Pan's consultations and guidance
Ng Su Yee
Banking, Singapore

Master Pan is one of a kind. When I first met him last year through my brother from Australia, I was expecting the usual BaZi reading whereby I would be told of my fortune and be warned to be careful at certain stages of my life. First of all, he accurately read from my BaZi that I have a health issue. On top of that, he went out of his way during the year end peak period to meet up with me and even provided advise from a FengShui perspective to help with my health. Master Pan has never sold or ask us to purchase any fancy FengShui items. Read more…

Angie Tom
Store Manager & Flower Stylist, Melbourne, Australia

I first met Mr Pan at a Fengshui event, I then had a private reading. In that 1 hr reading I had with him he changed the way I looked at life. He helped lift so much stress and anxiety that I had been holding on to. He guided me to actually start living my life and go for opportunities that I once had just let pass by. I’ve just had my 2nd personal reading and he was very happy with my progress in just one year ! Read more…

Lim Jianhong
Senior Manager in Transportation Industry, Singapore

Over the past 2 years, I have been consulting Master Pan on personalised readings as well as analysis for my property.  Master Pan has the ability to explain Bazi and Feng Shui dynamics in a scientific and easily understandable manner. His patience and friendliness makes every consultation session a comfortable and insightful one.  His advice has introduced much positiveness in my life and had prompted me to refer numerous close friends to him as well.

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